NOTIFIER® NFW-50X FireWarden Control Panel

NOTIFIER® NFW-50X FireWarden Control Panel

NOTIFIER NFW-50X Fire Warden Control Panel
The NOTIFIER™️ by Honeywell NFW-50X Fire Warden Control Panels are a combination of a fire alarm control panel (FACP) with a digital alarm communicator and transmitter (DACT). This all in one circuit board is an intelligent, addressable and compact control panel with extensive and powerful features. The NFW-50 FACP combined with addressable devices from NOTIFIER provides the latest technology in fire protection.

With the NOTIFIER NFW-50X FACP, all electronics and the power supply are contained on a single circuit located in a metal cabinet and provide total fire system protection for most applications. Compatible accessories available include remote or local upload/download software, reverse polarity/city box transmitter, remote annunciators and more. The FireWarden 50X series (50XNFW-50X, NFW-50XR) is ideal in small and medium applications where previous conventional FACP systems are converting to addressable systems.

NOTIFIER’s FireWarden-50X can meet most application needs with advanced, addressable, intelligence in a right-sized panel. A preinstalled communicator supports any combination of detectors or modules up to 50 addressable devices.

NFW-50X FireWarden Control Panel Features and Benefits

The NFW-50X FireWarden control panel offers powerful and extensive features comparable to the FireWarden 100 series although fits with applications which previously used only conventional control panels. The NFW-50X offers many features and benefits which include:

  • UL 864 listed, 10th Ed.
  • SWIFT® wireless compatibility
  • Reduce installation time with auto-programming
  • Can report two devices set to the same address
  • Optional CELL-CAB-N or CELL-MOD GSM Central Station Communicator over AlarmNet®
  • Pre-installed POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) Central Station Communicator and IPOTS-COM Ethernet IP
  • Two independently programmable, built-in Style Y (Class B) NAC or Style Z (Class A) circuits
  • Advanced fire technology features:
    • Maintenance alert
    • Automatic drift compensation
    • Automatic device type-code verification
    • Point trouble identification
    • Detector sensitivity test capability (NFPA 72 compliant)

NFW-50X FireWarden control panel system capacity includes these features and benefits and many others. System capacity supports up to 50 addressable devices on one intelligent signaling line circuit, up to 50 programmable software zones and 16 annunciators.

High-Rise Security Systems Is a Premier Distributor for NOTIFIER® fire alarm system equipment and components. We offer commercial fire protection services including consulting, system design, maintenance, inspection, testing and monitoring. Contact us to learn more about NOTIFIER fire alarm control panels including the NFW-50X FireWarden series.

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