Types of Fire Detection Systems

Fire detection systems are a critical element of any building design. For high-rise buildings and multi-winged structures such as hospitals and hotels, these designs can become complex. Electrical contractors and end user customers frequently enlist the expert services of NICET certified designers from reputable fire alarm companies to integrate an efficient and effective fire detection and alarm system. These fire alarm designers will design a code compliant system using the latest CAD (computer-assisted design) technology.

How to Evaluate the Total Cost of Your Fire Alarm System

With this design reproduction, experts are able to determine precisely the types and number of detectors and alarms, fire suppression monitoring, and evacuation routes necessary to deliver the highest level of security for the occupants. The design should meet or exceed all elements of NFPA and local code requirements to ensure maximum safety.

Fire Alarm Control Panels

Notifier by Honeywell, is a global leader in fire detection and alarm devices. Their line includes fire alarm control panels with one way or two way voice, addressable and conventional controls. The equipment is designed with ultra-sensitive smoke detection and digital voice command evacuation systems. These panels can be used in a smaller building up to extensive and more complex networks for larger, high-rise buildings or multiple buildings in a campus configuration.

Initiating Devices

Fire alarm pull stations, waterflow monitors, and sensor-activated detectors initiate devices that activate an alarm conditions. Traditional fire alarms were manually activated while today’s technology allows for automatic sensing elements to activate the alarm, minimizing false alarms. These more sophisticated smart devices are more common in modern buildings and have saved many lives.

Notification Devices

Notification equipment utilize sensory methods to alert occupants to a potential emergency. These devices include standardized audible alarms and visual alerts that include flashing lights plus voice messages that direct occupants to evacuate safely.

Certain audible textual tones are included in EVAC, Emergency Voice Alarm Communications. These employ highly reliable speakers, properly situated, to alert all occupants of an emergency. These are managed from a central Command and Control Center to direct occupants away from the danger and to the closest route to evacuation. These can operate on recorded or real-time voice overrides.

Additional Building Fire Detection Systems

Other accessories are available for the design of a modern building. These may include:

  • Gas Detection Systems: sense the presence of harmful gases within any given area. The system can activate the alarm system to indicate a particular gas level has been reached and evacuation is necessary.
  • Emergency Elevator Recall System: various programmable “phases” can be integrated into the Emergency Elevator Recall System. Their normal function is to bring the elevators directly to the ground floor to keep them from opening on a floor where fire is present. The system can also allow for emergency crews to ascend to levels where they may strategically attack the fire.
  • Smoke Detection within Air Ducts: sensors can be mounted within the building’s air ducts to continually evaluate the presence of smoke within the building. When smoke is detected, the system can shut all fan motors and vents to prevent further flow through the building.
  • Emergency Door Holders: when a fire is detected the fire alarm system can immediately release all fire doors, thereby preventing the spread of smoke and fire to other areas of the facility/building.

High Rise Security System (HRSS) in Burr Ridge

HRSS, is engaged in the design, sales, installation and maintenance of the most technologically advanced fire detection and protection equipment available. Their engineers participate in design and installation for many businesses, universities, hospitals and residential complexes in Chicago.

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