IDOT- Illinois Department of Transportation- Rockford

Illinois Department of Transportation


We are currently providing an all-around Life Safety solution for the new IDOT Rockford location. This job is proving to be typical in today’s demand to provide an all-inclusive command center for first responders of all types. There are many coordinating factors about this job that must be taken into consideration. For example, there are adjacent and remote out buildings that are to be tied into the main fire alarm panel requiring special surge and lightening protectors of underground Life Safety wiring entering and leaving the building. This is also communicating with the BAS (Building Automation System) so that IDOT personal are informed of pending alarms, troubles and supervisory conditions.

Because of the environmental conditions surrounding the IDOT, large vehicle building, there are special CO hazard conditions that must be supervised to give additional safety to the employees while providing adequate annunciation to first responders. Additionally, due to the harsh working conditions of this site there is a high-pressure fire suppression system installed that when activated creates a water fog to cover the large areas that might be affected. Also, to be tied into the fire alarm system are the oversized circulating fans to shut down in the event a fire is detected adding air flow to the site. In the case of a fire it is imperative that these fans not run so to not spread the fire.

High Rise Security Systems is thrilled to be providing our expertise of Life Safety to these types of jobs that are becoming the norm.

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