Out with The Old and In with The New

Out with The Old and In with The New

mass notification systemsHigh Rise Security Systems is currently working on an influx of projects requiring the replacement of old non-NOTIFIER addressable fire alarm systems with new addressable NOTIFIER™️ by Honeywell systems. This is for many reasons. First and foremost, buildings are requiring newer technology. This could be because replacement parts are no longer available, system parts and smarts are worn from old age, the remodeling of the fire alarm system due to construction and features like mass notification are needed that are available in newer technology.

Secondly, business owners, property managers and or facilities managers could simply prefer nonproprietary over proprietary. The switch will make their jobs easier and ease their worry of life and property safety. When the switch is made to a nonproprietary fire alarm system they no longer are in a single-sourced and restricted relationship with their fire alarm provider. They now have the option to shop around with the knowledge and confidence of their fire alarm system.

Whatever the reason is, it is most important that the switch from old to new happens without interruption. In the event of an emergency it is imperative the fire alarm system be operational even through times of transient from old to new. As per NFPA requirements this is especially true. Especially in buildings that are occupied like schools, hospitals, dormitories, apartment buildings, hotels and offices. This transition should happen quickly and without any interruptions so true protection and notification capacity is never lost.

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