NOTIFIER Integrated Systems: A 3-Pronged Approach

NOTIFIER Integrated Systems: A 3-Pronged Approach

Notifier Integrated systems

NOTIFIER by Honeywell has reinvented fire and life safety with innovative technology, premium partners and over 70 years of experience.  NOTIFIER announces the release of the next generation in fire and life safety that make your buildings safer and better protected.  This new integrated suite of fire and life safety solutions raises the bar in fire safety with a three-pronged approach that includes:

  • NOTIFIER Self-Test series of detectors
  • NOTIFIER INSPIRE™ fully networkable life safety system
  • Honeywell Connected Life Safety Services (CLSS) end-to-end software solution

Get real-time protection, proof of compliance, and unmatched scalability when you combine the power of NOTIFIER’s new connected systems.

When choosing NOTIFIER, you can have confidence in the absolute best fire alarm and emergency communication systems, as well as industry expertise and expert knowledge from NOTIFIER distributors.  HRSS is a premier distributor of NOTIFIER fire alarm equipment offering decades of expertise in fire, life safety and security.

NOTIFIER Self-Test Series of Detectors 

NOTIFIER Self-Test series of detectors are the first UL-listed detectors that can test themselves, automatically. This eliminates the hassle of current testing methods which can take extensive time, be costly and disruptive. When detectors are in hard to reach places like high ceilings, areas with limited access or locked rooms they can go untested, which puts buildings at risk. 

NOTIFIER Self-Test series of detectors with UL approved and patented self-testing technology test both photo and thermal sensors by introducing a small amount of smoke and heat into the detection chamber.  This ensures that the smoke entry points are free from obstructions and working properly. This self-testing technology is quick, safe, and compliant, allowing your fire safety technician to quickly execute a functional self-test with a visual inspection, saving time and money while ensuring reliable detection.

NOTIFIER INSPIRE™ Fire Control Systems

NOTIFIER INSPIRE is a fully networkable and expandable fire control panel that takes your life safety system to the next level with user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing features. This game-changing panel is scalable and customizable, minimizing the need for equipment changes and perhaps most importantly, unlocking access to NOTIFIER’s self-testing detection technology.  NOTIFIER INSPIRE is easier to install, maintain and operate with next-generation technology that increases technician efficiency while enhancing compliance.

NOTIFIER INSPIRE offers the versatility to be programmed with LED indicators, action buttons, or both, within the same device.  This flexibility meets the requirements of any installation and helps to reduce user error.  NOTIFIER INSPIRE delivers real-time information through the CLSS connected gateway allowing a remote view of all buildings and their status.

Honeywell Connected Life Safety Services (CLSS)

Honeywell CLSS is the first end-to-end fire and life safety solution that streamlines the way your building safety system is installed, serviced, and tested.  CLSS pulls all required identifier data electronically, allowing for digitized compliance reports anytime, from anywhere, at the touch of a button.  CLSS provides compliance at your fingertips either from the CLSS Mobile App or sent from your electronic desktop device, with no need to track paper files. Access real-time information to diagnose problems remotely and react quickly, helping technicians to troubleshoot before even arriving onsite.

NOTIFIER’s integrated suite gives you the efficiency you need ensuring that all devices have been thoroughly tested to stay on top of maintenance schedules.  HRSS can provide this next generation NOTIFIER fire and life safety technology to seamlessly protect your property, assets, and your people.

High Rise Security Systems is a leading fire, life safety and security provider, protecting commercial properties in and around Chicago.  We offer comprehensive fire safety services including full system design, UL listed equipment and ongoing service and support.  Contact us to learn more about the next generation in fire safety with NOTIFIER’s integrated systems.

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