SWIFT Notifier Wireless Technology

SWIFT Notifier Wireless Technology

SWIFT Notifier WirelessSWIFT Notifier Wireless is a Class A commercial fire detection system which easily integrates with ONYX fire alarm panels for flexible wired and wireless intelligent detection. SWIFT Notifier uses self-healing, robust mesh technology that delivers a reliable, stronger network.  Fire detection sensors integrated with SWIFT wireless operate the same as their wired counterparts although provide the flexibility and easy installation of a wireless format.

SWIFT wireless by Notifier provides several advantages in many applications with flexibility, integration, and reliability.

SWIFT Notifier Wireless Flexibility

Notifier’s SWIFT wireless technology provides a cost-effective alternative when running conduit and wiring is costly and prohibitive.  The benefits of installing a wireless fire detection system extend far beyond cost savings with improved aesthetics, the ability to install with little impact to the physical appearance of a structure and quicker installation time.  Flexibility that provides the same robust fire detection technology is a win-win for many commercial installations.

Integration with ONYX 

SWIFT wireless devices are integrated closely with ONYX fire alarm panels, with a wireless gateway that is connected to the FlashScan SLC loop of your current ONYX fire alarm system.  Up to 49 wireless devices can be supported by Notifier’s SWIFT wireless network with the ability to add additional wireless gateways for additional wireless devices.  Up to four gateways can be used on the same radio space.  Each SWIFT device is programmed individually and supports all ONYX intelligent sensing features such as maintenance alerts, pre-alarm settings, drift compensation and cooperative detection options.  Wireless and wired devices are completely annunciated and controlled with the primary system display.


SWIFT Notifier wireless technology was designed to deliver maximum reliability with a proprietary protocol that uses redundant, supervised paths of communication to insure that the fire alarm control panel receives all event data.  SWIFT technology automatically incorporates a margin for routine environmental variations so as not to disrupt communications after each link is evaluated during initial system setup.

Notifier wireless SWIFT systems include tools to pre-qualify an installation which determines the strength of the signal of each link.  SWIFT TOOLS is a wireless tool suite that operates on a PC running Windows® with sophisticated analysis tools to monitor the health of the wireless network and give technicians specific information to optimize overall system performance.

HRSS is a Premier Notifier Distributor 

HRSS offers commercial fire alarm equipment from the top manufacturers in the industry and is a premier distributor for Notifier by Honeywell.  We offer UL listed equipment and assistance in choosing the best fire alarm and security system for your building(s).  HRSS provides comprehensive fire and life safety services including full system design, equipment, inspections, testing, maintenance, and repairs as well as monitoring 24/7/365.

HRSS is Chicagoland’s leading fire and life safety systems provider, partnering with our clients to go above and beyond code compliance.  We provide fire alarm, life safety and security systems to some of the most unique commercial structures in and around Chicago.  Contact us to learn more about the many benefits of SWIFT Notifier wireless technology.

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