Fire Alarm Repair: The Difference Between Life & Death

Fire Alarm Repair: The Difference Between Life & Death

burning doorNew or old, every fire alarm system needs to be checked, tested, maintained and repaired regularly. These critical devices are not like air conditioners or furnaces that, when they cease to operate, everyone experiences some temporary discomfort. Fire alarm repair is a life-saving activity.

Maintenance may include cleaning dust and grime that accumulates over time in the smoke detection areas or replacing mechanical parts that have become worn or broken from environmental conditions, vandalism or other reasons. Sprinkler systems can become clogged and should be tested.

These maintenance issues should not be handled as part of the internal maintenance staff responsibilities. Only licensed technicians should be involved in working with these important systems.

Fire Alarm Repair, Inspection and Maintenance

Routine visual inspection and regular detailed testing are essential.

Retain All Records: It is essential for the licensed alarm maintenance company to have access to all original records, equipment manuals, and prior maintenance records. While servicing the alarm system, the technician will need to review the history of the equipment and have access to the manufacturer’s operational details. Since there have been many types of systems in the market over time, having this information available is particularly essential with some of the older models.

Maintenance Steps

  • Review and test all systems that interface with or respond to the alarm system. This may include elevator recall, door control, HVAC systems, and fire-suppressant systems.
  • Inspect for any work or modifications that may have been made since installation to ensure that these will not restrict the proper operation of the systems.
  • Carefully test older equipment since, after an extended period of time, say 15 to 20 years, these may no longer function properly. This would means system replacement should be considered.
  • Initial testing may uncover some sensors that are not responding, wiring that may have come loose, or parts that must be replaced. These need to be repaired or replaced immediately.
  • In Chicago, High Rise Security Systems (HRSS) experts will inspect and test every component of your fire protection system. A regular inspection, testing and fire alarm repair routine will be established.
    • Alarm systems
    • Sprinkler systems
    • Alarm and control center mechanisms

HRSS has expertise in maintaining all fire and security systems. Their services includes designing, installing and maintaining security systems for commercial and industrial systems in large high-rise residential, educational and institutional buildings.

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