Notifier Fire Alarm by Honeywell: A Superior Product

Notifier Fire Alarm by Honeywell: A Superior Product

Notifier Fire Alarm DistributorNOTIFIER™️ Fire Alarm by Honeywell, part of a diversified global corporation, has been in business for well over a century. During that time, the company has initiated thousands of new products, many designed to protect individuals in emergency situations.

NOTIFIER by Honeywell has developed the most advanced fire alarm and detection systems in the industry. Their Fire Alarm Control Panels are designed to fit any building or complex to bring rapid and effective awareness and response to all dangerous situations.

NOTIFIER Fire and Emergency Controls

NOTIFIER alarm control panels and accessories can be configured for any environment.
The Onyx system includes state-of-the-art smoke sensing capability that can be employed in smaller facilities or as part of a network in larger high rise buildings or campuses.

The Fire Warden Series used for smaller applications provides fire alarm and evacuation control modules to alert and guide occupants to safe locations.

The Onyx Digital Voice Command System provides multi-channel audio evacuation communications plus channels for communication with firemen and other emergency personnel.

NOTIFIER Integrated Network brings all the pieces together into a master control panel for quick alert, emergency agency notification, evacuation and control. The system may also be integrated with other security detection and monitoring systems to alert security personnel to unauthorized intruders or compromise to the access control systems.

The NFN web server can provide emergency status and monitoring to any external location including fire or police locations.

Gas detection is a critical element at locations where certain dangerous material, chemicals and gases may be used or generation. NOTIFIER Gas Detection is critical to occupant safety in these environments.

An LED Sign Gateway provides LED evacuation instructions. With 10 preset highly visible messages, evacuees are able to clearly hear alarms and instructions while reading additional directions to exit the building. This is important for alternative evacuation situations.

NOTIFIER Fire Alarm and Warning Systems

These are only a few of the systems designed at Honeywell to protect lives in case of fire and smoke emergencies. Many more accessories and peripheral devices are available from NOTIFIER.

Work with an Authorized NOTIFIER Dealer

A qualified NOTIFIER by Honeywell dealer and representative can work with building maintenance and design to ensure the proper types, number and placement of NOTIFIER fire alarm systems are part of your building configuration. With computer-aided design technology, these experts can recommend precisely the right equipment for your building and it occupants.

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