Fire Alarm System Options Depend on Building Design

Fire Alarm System Options Depend on Building Design

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Fire alarm systems consist of sophisticated equipment, sensitive devices and controls that must all work together to prevent loss of life and property.  When evaluating fire alarm systems and considering the many options available, it is best to work with a fire safety system specialist to sift through the options that are desirable and options that are required.  An experienced fire alarm system designer will know which system and options would perform best in your building.



Commercial Properties Must Adhere to Fire Safety Regulations

Commercial properties must adhere to local and federal fire safety regulations, with requirements for certain structures or industries.  Hospitals and nursing homes, for example, must consider the mobility of their patients and are required to have zones and smoke control to allow for evacuation.  Fire suppression systems and sprinklers are an important part of fire system design in these structures, along with visual and audible evacuation alerts. Alerts must be placed in strategic locations where visual or hearing- impaired people will be made aware of any potential danger.

High rise buildings must meet fire safety regulations which also include visual and audible alerts along with safe evacuation routes in the event of fire.  When elevators are inoperable due to fire, a safe evacuation plan must be in place and easily accessible to all occupants. Addressable alarm systems perform best in high rise structures as these smart systems can detect smoke or gas right down to the particular room on a certain floor, greatly increasing the chances of extinguishing the fire before causing widespread damage or loss of life.

HRSS Offers Commercial Fire Alarm System Design

High Rise Security Systems offers extensive experience, licensed technicians and vast expertise in all things related to fire safety.  Our skilled designers generate computer aided design (CAD) drawings of your building and property noting proper placement of all equipment including control panels, networks, detection devices, visual and audible alerts and portable fire extinguishers.  We have knowledge of the technology available with modern fire alarm systems which include smart systems that self-monitor components for optimum functionality.

HRSS is a leading fire alarm system specialist offering:

  • System design
  • Fire Safety Consulting
  • UL listed equipment
  • System inspections
  • Maintenance
  • Repair
  • Fire alarm system monitoring 24/7/365

HRSS works closely with building owners and electrical contractors to design the best system for commercial property with proper placement of all recommended optional equipment.  We design fire alarm systems for low-rise buildings, high-rise structures, campuses and mass complexes with the best system and options suited for your application.  

HRSS is a leading provider of fire safety systems in and around the Chicago area with vast experience in all commercial property requirements and code regulations.  We provide excellent customer service and support to ensure your fire safety system is working at optimum performance. Contact us today to learn more about which fire alarm system options would work best in your building.   


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