Tag: <span>fire detection systems</span>

Tag: fire detection systems

Fire Alarm Inspections Prevent the Most Common Failures

*This article was originally published on 8/10/2016 and updated on 11/02/2021 Fire alarm system companies provide regular inspections and maintenance of commercial fire alarm systems, which is critical to prevent disastrous consequences. Commercial fire alarm systems are an integral part of any commercial building just like other equipment in the …

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Fire Alarm System Options Depend on Building Design

Fire alarm systems consist of sophisticated equipment, sensitive devices and controls that must all work together to prevent loss of life and property.  When evaluating fire alarm systems and considering the many options available, it is best to work with a fire safety system specialist to sift through the options …

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Fire Alarm Testing Vital to Performance and Cost Savings

Fire alarm detection and warning systems should be considered one of the most important parts of a building, in addition to the steel, walls and windows.  Consideration of the safety of your occupants, whether family, employees or the public, should be the number one concern for any building owner.   Owners …

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Preparing for and Certifying Your Fire System Inspection

Properly functioning fire detection and alarm systems are essential life protection elements of high-rise buildings. These are designed to work in harmony to identify potential emergencies, alert the occupants, and direct an orderly evacuation. Simultaneously, emergency first responders should be alerted to the problem in order to arrive at the …

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Fire Alarm Maintenance

Installing a state-of-the-art, highly sophisticated fire detection and notification system in your high-rise residential, office, or medical facility is only the beginning. Though these systems may be able to identify rapidly developing fire and smoke threats instantly, they are only effective in saving lives if they are properly maintained. Share …

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Commercial Fire Alarm Installation: The Shop Drawing

Commercial Fire Alarm Installation: The Shop Drawing Appropriate local authorities must certify the completeness and accuracy of any designs for fire detection systems. The plans must abide by guidelines set by an Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ). The AHJ may be the local fire authorities. Each element of the detection, notification, …

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