Duct Mounted CO Detector : Space Age SSU701KIT CO Duct Detector

Duct Mounted CO Detector : Space Age SSU701KIT CO Duct Detector

duct mounted CO detector   Space Age SSU701KIT CO Duct DetectorCarbon monoxide (CO) is also called “the silent killer” because this dangerous gas is nearly impossible to detect without professional sensing equipment. CO is a tasteless, odorless gas resulting from the incomplete combustion of fossil fuels and is highly toxic. CO interferes with the body’s normal circulation of oxygen which causes varying levels of sickness and may even cause death depending on the level and length of exposure. Duct Mounted CO Detectors like the Space Age SSU701KIT CO Duct Detector saves lives every day.

CO detectors are required to determine carbon monoxide present in the air and may also come as a duct mounted CO detector to detect the presence of this poisonous gas in air ventilation systems. A CO detector mounted in HVAC duct systems will provide early detection of carbon monoxide moving through the air supply, return or both air flow directions and may be used in either residential or commercial applications. Duct mounted CO detectors should signal the HVAC system to completely shut down the air supply if CO is detected to prevent the spread of this toxic gas.

Duct Mounted CO Detector and Fire Alarm Systems

A duct mounted CO detector should be connected to a fire alarm control panel as outlined in NFPA720, the guidelines established by the National Fire Protection Association on the Installation of Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detection and Warning Equipment. With a properly located SSU701KIT CO Duct Detector, the entire building is protected because the detector samples air not only on the return side but can also be mounted on the supply side of the HVAC to shutdown the system and prevent contaminated air from being circulated throughout the building.

More engineers and fire inspectors are asking for Duct Mounted CO Detectors in their buildings. The Space Age SSU701KIT CO Duct Detector has many features that meet and exceed most engineers and fire inspectors’ expectations:

  • “Snap in” sensor is easily replaced at end of life (6 yrs)
  • Testing with aerosol spray
  • Universal input voltage from 24 VAC or VDC to 120 VAC
  • Historical data stored and retrievable at the unit
  • Performs self-test every 24 hours
  • Patented front and rear loading of the sampling tubes
  • Auxiliary Alarm and Trouble contacts for connection to the Fire Alarm or fan control
  • Connectible to up to 30 units
  • Compatible with all fire alarm Manufacturer panels
  • Includes the Remote Test Station in the Kit
  • Order the Sampling Tubes separately

A professional fire and safety company can explain your options and advantages with all duct mounted fire and safety system equipment and the requirements for code compliant installation.

High Rise Security Systems Offers Duct Mounted CO and Fire Detection Equipment

High Rise Security Systems is an experienced fire and safety systems company providing life saving detection systems to commercial properties in and around Chicago. We are recognized as a leading authority on fire alarm systems and are often called upon for our expertise. We work closely with building owners and electrical contractors to design a fire alarm system unique to your building structure and operations.

We offer skilled system design in AutoCAD with proper locations of all detection and notification equipment as required by local, state and federal regulations. HRSS goes above and beyond code requirements to ensure early detection and warning systems which save lives and property. Our technicians are certified and licensed in the State of Illinois, providing inspections, maintenance and repairs you can rely on.

High Rise Security Systems is a commercial fire and safety systems company, offering experienced fire alarm system design. We provide UL listed equipment, inspections, maintenance, repairs and monitoring 24/7/365. Contact us today to learn more about your options with highly sensitive smoke and gas detection systems including duct mounted CO detectors.

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