NOTIFIER FCPS-24S6 Remote Power Supplies with battery charger

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The FCPS-24S6, FCPS-246R (6-amp) and FCPS-24S8, FCPS-24S8R (8-amp) are remote power supplies with battery charger. The FCPS-24S6/-24S8 may be connected to any 12 or 24 volt fire alarm control panel (FACP) or may be used as stand-alone supplies. Primary applications include notification appliance (bell) circuit (NAC) expansion (to support ADA requirements and NAC synchronization) or auxiliary power to support 24 volt system accessories. The FCPS-24S6/-24S8 provides regulated and filtered 24 VDC power to four notification appliance circuit. The four outputs may be configured as all non-resettable, all resettable or two nonresettable and two resettable.

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Features & Benefits:

  • Operates as a “sync-follower” or as a “sync-generator”
  • Contains two fully-isolated input/control circuits
  • Four Class B (Style Y) or four Class A (Style Z, with ZNAC-4 module) NACs
  • Compatible with coded inputs; signals passed through
  • Fully regulated and filtered power output – optimal for powering four-wire smoke detectors, annunciators, and other system peripherals requiring regulated/filtered power. 

Primary (AC)Power:

  • FCPS-24S6C/-24S8C: 120 VAC, 60 Hz, 3.2A maximum
  • FCPS-24S6E/-24S8E: 240 VAC, 50 Hz, 1.6A maximum
  • Wire Size: minimum #14 AWG (2.0mm2) with 600 V insulation

Secondary Power (Battery) Charging Circuit:

  • Supports lead-acid batteries only
  • Float-charge voltage: 27.6 VDC
  • Maximum current charge: 1.5 A
  • Maximum battery capacity: 18 AH
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