BG-12 Series Pull Station

Honeywell Firelite BG-12 Series Pull stations Fire-Lite by Honeywell is recognized worldwide for delivering innovative fire alarm systems and products, including the BG-12 Series Pull Station.  The BG-12 pull station is a non-coded series of manual pull stations, offering a variety of models with single action and dual action versions.  This feature packed pull station is cost effective, attractive and easy to operate.

Benefits and Features of the BG-12 Series Pull Station

The BG-12 Series Pull Station by Fire-Lite offers the following features:

  • Highly visible and aesthetically pleasing
  • Attractive design and finish
  • Easy to operate with single or dual action
  • Prevents false alarms from bumps or shakes
  • Handle must push in and pull down for certainty in pulling the alarm
  • Key lock or hex lock models available
  • System can open for inspection and maintenance without triggering an alarm
  • Backplate can overlap on a single gang backbox of ½”
  • May be surface mounted or semi-flush mounted to a single or double gang box or a 4” square electrical box.
  • Visual identification of “NORMAL” and “ACTIVATED” is molded into the plastic to avoid any misrepresentation of system status
  • Spanish versions are available

The BG-12 Series of Pull Stations includes the BG-12LR and BG-12LRA for dual action stations and the BG-12LX for an addressable manual pull station. 

High Rise Security Systems Offers Fire-Lite BG-12 Pull Stations

High Rise Security Systems offers high quality fire alarm systems and products from the leading manufacturers in fire safety.   We are a proud distributor for Fire-Lite by Honeywell, known as a leader in fire alarm systems with installations on nearly every continent.  HRSS offers fire alarm system design, UL Listed equipment, fire extinguisher service, testing, inspections, maintenance and monitoring.

HRSS is a leading fire alarm system company, protecting lives and property in and around Chicago.  We protect all types of commercial properties including, schools, college campuses, hospitals, hospitality buildings and various commercial properties.  Contact us to learn more about our wide selection of fire alarm system options including the BG-12 Pull Station.

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