GemCom City Tie Disconnect Panel

GemCom City Tie Disconnect PanelGemCom has long been known for delivering high quality, custom fire alarm and suppression products, such as the City Tie Disconnect Panel.  For more than 30 years, GemCom has supplied fire alarm system annunciators, trouble bell stations, switches, master boxes and many other high quality, custom designed products. The City Tie Disconnect Panel provides versatility with easy solutions for testing and maintenance. 

This disconnect panel offers simple installation near any fire alarm control panel with 3 separate switch assemblies combined in one panel.  The City Tie Disconnect panel is used to quickly and easily disconnect the alarm from notifying emergency responders during testing and maintenance.  A white light alerts the user when the panel is in disconnect mode and the trouble bell may also be silenced.

Both fire alarm trouble and city tie trouble can be adjusted for testing purposes, with “bell normal”, “bell test” and “bell silence” options.  The City Tie Disconnect Panel can be shipped without a back plate and door for rough in installation.  A separate back box offers variations of ½” or ¾” knockouts, door mounts and locking nuts.  A key lock is also included for security.

HRSS Offers Fire Alarm and City Tie Disconnect Panels 

High Rise Security Systems is a leading fire alarm and life safety system specialist serving commercial properties in and around Chicago.  We offer high quality fire alarm systems and products from the best known manufacturers in fire safety, including the GemCom City Tie Disconnect Panel.  We protect lives in all types of properties such as high rise buildings, low rise buildings, schools, college campuses, hospitals and hospitality structures.

HRSS offers fire alarm system consulting and design, testing, maintenance and monitoring.  Our technicians are certified and field trained, highly experienced in servicing all types of fire alarm systems.  Contact us with all your fire alarm system needs and to learn more about the GemCom City Tie Disconnect Panel.

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