BSC Graphic Smoke Control Annunciator

BSC Graphic Smoke Control AnnunciatorIt’s a fact that the leading cause of death in fires is smoke inhalation which causes suffocation by depleting a person’s valuable oxygen.  Smoke also reduces visibility to find safe exits and impairs the visibility of firefighters searching the premises.  This is a deadly combination, with a high fatality rate certain if smoke is not rerouted or confined.

Space Age Electronics is dedicated to providing connectivity solutions to modern building systems with property and lifesaving solutions.  The BSC Graphic Smoke Control Annunciator provides these lifesaving solutions to the deadly impact of smoke inhalation.  A successful Emergency Operation Plan, EOP, must include the capability to control or confine smoke to allow for effective emergency procedures.

The BSC Graphic Smoke Control Annunciator is the command center to the mechanical smoke control system, providing safety personnel and emergency responders with a graphic depiction of building zones.  Status is visible with back-lit illumination, accurate legends and high-intensity LED point indication.  This provides emergency personnel with the knowledge they need to optimize life safety procedures with instant control of mechanics smoke control systems.

BSC Smoke Control Systems are UL Listed and Compliant

The BSC Graphic Smoke Control Annunciator is UL listed per UL864 and UUKL with proper configuration.  This smoke control system meets the following regulations to comply with:

  • National Fire Protection Association, NFPA72 and NFPA92
  • National Electric Code, NEC
  • Local Authority Having Jurisdiction, AHJ

These lifesaving smoke control systems are a critical component of any Emergency Operation Plan, giving control with override authority to authorized personnel.  Mechanical smoke control systems are custom designed to the layout of your building, providing instant control for emergency situations, testing or drills. Contact your fire and safety systems specialist to learn more about incorporating the BSC Graphic Smoke Control Annunciator to provide valuable protection for your occupants.

High Rise Security Systems is your leading fire and safety systems specialist, providing safe and compliant fire alarm and safety systems to commercial properties in and around Chicago.  We offer custom fire alarm system design, UL listed equipment, data sheets for AHJ approvals and total compliance guaranteed.  Contact us to learn more about the lifesaving benefits of the BSC Graphic Smoke Control Annunciator.


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