FireWarden Fire Alarm Peripheral Devices

FireWarden Fire Alarm Peripheral DevicesNotifier® by Honeywell continually develops and offers new fire alarm and safety technologies which improve building safety worldwide.  Notifier offers revolutionary fire alarm solutions which meet your needs with a wide selection of fire alarm control panels and peripheral devices.  Here is a quick summary of the FireWarden series which includes several types of smoke detectors, pull stations and monitor modules.

FireWarden 200 Series of Photoelectric Smoke Detectors

The 200 series of photoelectric smoke detectors includes the NP-200, NP-200R and NP-200T which are addressable, low-profile photoelectric smoke detectors.  This series provides a state-of-the-art photoelectric sensing chamber and communications for open area protection.

FireWarden 200 Series Thermal Heat Detectors

The 200 series of thermal heat detectors utilize intelligent thermistor sensing circuit technology for a quick response.  These addressable sensors provide point ID capability to enable each heat detector to identify exact locations.

Intelligent Monitor Modules

The intelligent monitor modules by FireWarden provide addressable modules to supervise dry-contact input devices including pull stations and conventional heat detectors.  The Intelligent Monitor Modules include the NMM-100, NMM-100P, NZM-100 and NDM-100 to monitor diverse applications.

Multi-Criteria / Multi-Sensor Detector

The NP-A100 multi-criteria detector is the most advanced of intelligent spot detectors, with multiple sensors to detect a wider range of conditions with improved accuracy.

Intelligent Multi-Monitor Modules

The FireWarden Series of Intelligent Multi-Monitor Modules includes the NMM-10-10A, NMM-100-10, NZM-100-6, NZM-100-6A and NM-100-6 for use with Notifier’s FireWarden panels.

Intelligent Control and Relay Modules

The NC-100 and NC-100R provide addressable control for supervised monitoring of external devices such as strobes, bells and horns.  The relay modules provide built-in identification compatible with FireWarden Series panels and capability for Class A and Class B supervision. 

NOT-BG12LX Pull Station

This dual action pull station includes addressable interface for the FireWarden series of intelligent, addressable control panels.

100 Series Photoelectric Smoke Detectors

This series of photoelectric smoke detectors includes NP-100, NP-100R and NP-100T for an addressable, low-profile series of plug-in detectors.  This series utilizes revolutionary photoelectric sensing chamber technology for open area protection.

Thermal Heat Detectors

This series of thermal heat detectors includes the following models for use with FireWarden Series panels:

  • NH-100 – fixed temperature thermal detector
  • NH-100R – rate of rise thermal detector
  • NH-100H – high temperature thermal detector

These intelligent thermal heat detectors provide ID capability which enables each detector to provide exact locations.

HRSS Offers FireWarden Fire Alarm Peripheral Devices

High Rise Security Systems is a leading fire alarm and safety company protecting commercial properties in and around Chicago.  We provide fire and safety consulting, system design, testing, inspections, maintenance, repair and monitoring 24/7/365.

We offer fire alarm systems and components from the most recognized names in fire safety, including Notifier® by Honeywell.  Contact us for assistance in determining your fire and safety needs and to learn more about the FireWarden series of peripheral fire alarm devices.

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