Inform Mobile Nurse Call System for Senior Care

Cornell Communications inform Mobile Nurse Call System

Photo Credit: Cornell Communications

inform Mobile Nurse Call System for Senior Care is a wireless, mobile call system which integrates with existing response systems to simplify communications in many nursing facilities.  This intelligent and dependable nursing call system is implemented in over 23,000 installations nationwide in facilities such as:

  • Hospice
  • Rehabilitation clinics
  • Assisted living
  • Independent living
  • Memory care
  • Skilled nursing care

 Inform Mobile Nurse Call System includes software assurances with updates provided at no additional charge, and also addresses HIPAA compliance issues. 

Improve Efficient Response Times and Patient Satisfaction

This simplified mobile communication improves efficiency and patient/resident satisfaction.  Nursing staff work hard to stay on top of resident needs while keeping the family informed.  Inform Mobile Nurse Call System provides an efficient way for staff to satisfy both internal, patient and family communications.   It is essentially a staff communication system and resident/nurse call station all rolled into one.  The mobile, touch-screen based system is simple and easy to use, with text and two-way voice features with the touch of a finger.

This user friendly nursing call system helps facilities to deliver the highest level of quality care while motivating staff to perform with quality and efficient care.  Data can be translated into business data to improve billing and staffing functions.  The two-way communication allows for nursing staff to respond with real-time data and is compatible with iOS mobile device systems.

Cornell Communications has more than 40 years of experience in designing and developing nursing call systems.  Inform Mobile Nurse Call System eliminates the need for multiple devices and adds reporting and tracking capabilities which improve resident satisfaction and nursing staff performance.  Inform gives management and staff the ability to see at a moment’s notice:

  • Who generated the call
  • When the call was issued
  • Where the call was generated
  • What type of call was issued
  • Why the call was issued
  • Which nursing staff member responded to the call
  • Outcome and length of response time to complete the call

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