How does a Photoelectric smoke detector work?

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Why Have a Photoelectric Smoke Detector? The most effective smoke detectors utilize photoelectric sensors. Ionization detectors are also available, sometimes in tandem with photoelectric. These have significantly different detection methods and may result in different outcomes. Photoelectric smoke detectors identify problems as soon as most types of fires begin to…

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Honeywell Fire Alarm Systems: Best in the Fire Safety

Fire Alarm

For more than a century, Honeywell has been producing atmosphere sensing devices to support the comfort and safety of individuals at home or work. Today Honeywell produces the Notifier line of fire and smoke detection and alarm systems to protect building occupants from serious threats. Notifier, by Honeywell fire alarm…

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Fire Alarm Safety: Preventing Warehouse Fires

Fire Safety

Safeguarding a warehouse offers unique challenges because of the substantial cubic volume and variety of potentially flammable materials. According to a 2016 National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA) report, over 1,200 warehouses experienced a fire emergency last year. Property damage was estimated at $155 million. More notably, these events resulted in…

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Fire Alarm Inspection Requirements for Aurora

Properly maintained and inspected fire alarm systems are essential to the safety of every occupant of any-sized buildings. Malfunction can mean a tragic failure and result in the unnecessary loss of life. Every building in Aurora, whether office or residential, educational or retail, and every type of medical facility must…

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Why Is A Notifier Fire Alarm Better than other alarms?

Notifier by Honeywell is the culmination of decades of manufacturing and design experience. Honeywell has been a notable innovator for over a century in the field of atmospheric sensing and fire detection systems. Not resting on their laurels with traditional products, Notifier’s engineers have created a holistic and state-of-the-art system…

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The Best Fire Detection Systems: What Are My Options?

Fire detection systems are critical components of any building. Since cutting corners on life protection devices is not an option, building designers must pay particular attention to the types, number and locations of all smoke, gas and fire detection equipment. An expert licensed fire security company will collaborate during the…

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