Category: <span>Fire Alarm Systems</span>

Category: Fire Alarm Systems

What Your Fire Detection System Should Include

People’s lives depend on the fire detection system you choose for your commercial property. Ensuring your system is effective, properly maintained, and has the vital elements needed to ensure your occupants and property are protected is crucial. There are many components that make up an effective commercial fire alarm system, …

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Emergency Control Functions- Infographic

Emergency control functions allow a fire alarm system to communicate with your commercial building’s system to assist in the evacuation process of building occupants. The emergency control functions communicate signals to the Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP) if certain areas of the building need to be restricted or shut down …

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Emergency Control Functions

A commercial fire alarm system is a complex yet necessary component of your overall fire and life safety plan. Commercial buildings are required to have very thought-out, strategic emergency procedures in the event of a fire or other disaster. Unfortunately, emergencies do occur despite the business’s preparation and preparedness. A …

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NFPA 72: Allowable Delay From Sprinkler Activation to Fire Alarm

Businesses that have sprinklered fire suppression systems are permitted up to a 100-second delay between the time of sprinkler waterflow and notification to occupants. One example is a fire that erupted in a Walmart in Maryland, recorded by an occupant on this video, and clearly shows the fire, the sprinkler …

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The Best Fire Detection Systems: What Are My Options?

Commercial fires in the United States cause billions of dollars in damages every year, with more than 486,500 structure fires reported in 2021, causing roughly $13 billion in damages. Business owners and property managers have a responsibility to protect their customers, employees, and the public with a code-compliant, reliable fire …

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ONYXWorks® – Integrated Fire & Life Safety Management

ONYXWorks® from NOTIFIER by Honeywell is the next generation of integrated fire and security systems, providing powerful life safety management of multiple systems with single or multi-site versatility. Get A Quote ONYXWorks®: Integrated, Intuitive, Expandable ONYXWorks® integrates multiple fire and security systems, including security, emergency communications, mass notification capabilities, and …

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