Category: <span>Fire Alarm Systems</span>

Category: Fire Alarm Systems

ONYXWorks® – Integrated Fire & Life Safety Management

Get A Quote ONYXWorks® from NOTIFIER by Honeywell is the next generation of integrated fire and security systems, providing powerful life safety management of multiple systems with single or multi-site versatility. ONYXWorks®: Integrated, Intuitive, Expandable ONYXWorks® integrates multiple fire and security systems, including security, emergency communications, mass notification capabilities, and …

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NOTIFIER® SWIFT – Smart Wireless Integrated Fire Technology

NOTIFIER by Honeywell Is the largest and most prominent provider of engineered fire alarm systems in the world, with more than 400 distributors worldwide. NOTIFIER offers a high degree of customization and control. NOTIFIER SWIFT stands for Smart Wireless Integrated Fire Technology and is a class A commercial wireless fire …

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How does a Photoelectric smoke detector work?

This article was published on 11/1/2016  and updated on  1/13/2022  The two most common types of smoke detection technologies include ionization smoke detectors and photoelectric smoke detectors. Each type of smoke alarm detects the presence of smoke differently. Ionization vs. Photoelectric Smoke Detection  Ionization Smoke Detectors  Ionization smoke detectors operate …

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Fire Alarm Safety: Preventing Warehouse Fires

This article was published on  10/14/2016   and updated on  1/11/2022   Warehouse fires are not uncommon, causing millions of dollars in damages every year, negative environmental impact, and loss of life among occupants and first responders. According to a Warehouse Safety Fact Sheet published by the National Fire Protection Association, …

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SWIFT Notifier Wireless Technology

SWIFT Notifier Wireless is a Class A commercial fire detection system which easily integrates with ONYX fire alarm panels for flexible wired and wireless intelligent detection. SWIFT Notifier uses self-healing, robust mesh technology that delivers a reliable, stronger network.  Fire detection sensors integrated with SWIFT wireless operate the same as …

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