Evaluating Fire Alarm Systems for Commercial Properties

When evaluating fire alarm systems for commercial properties, be sure to understand system requirements for technology upgrades or building expansions. When adding on or installing upgrades, your fire alarm system should be flexible to adapt with future building requirements without disruption of service or replacing existing equipment. Adaptations and technology…

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Considerations for Fire Alarm and Life Safety Systems for Commercial Properties

Purchasing fire alarm and life safety systems for commercial properties is a big decision, one that requires careful planning and participation from the building owners. Owners of commercial property that participate in the purchase and installation decisions of fire and life safety systems reap the biggest rewards. When building owners…

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Licensed Fire Alarm System Inspections Required by NFPA

Fire alarm systems are designed to protect life and property, but these systems will be useless if not maintained, tested and repaired with regular inspections by licensed fire alarm technicians.  Fire detection devices, control panels and networks consist of precision components that must work together to provide reliable protection when…

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Commercial Fire Alarm Maintenance You Can Count On

fire alarm contractors

Commercial fire alarm systems today are sophisticated and complex, protecting people and property in high-rise buildings, offices, medical complexes and school campuses.  Fire and safety systems provide early detection and warning of smoke, fire or gas, alerting and directing occupants out of the building with safe evacuation procedures.  In a…

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Notifier® by Honeywell: Best in Fire Safety

Notifier Fire Alarm systems

Notifier® fire alarm systems by Honeywell are utilized on every continent of the globe, protecting people and property with sophisticated and reliable fire detection and notification.  Notifier offers a variety of fire alarm control panels and systems designed for any type of building structure, including high-rise, low-rise, mass complexes and…

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Business Can Now Deduct the Full Cost of Fire Alarm Systems

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Section 179 refers to the tax code that allows businesses to deduct an amount larger than normal depreciation for assets, typically thousands of dollars, during the year placed in service.  The expenses allowed to businesses under the Section 179 deduction is designed as an incentive for companies to invest more…

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