Commercial Fire Alarm Inspections: What You Need to Know

Commercial Fire Alarm Inspections: What You Need to Know

Chicago Commercial Fire Alarm InspectionsA fire alarm system is one of the most important pieces of equipment on commercial buildings, working 24/7 to protect property and the people inside.  Property managers and building engineers need to know why annual inspections are so important, and how to stay compliant with the latest updates to fire safety code regulations.

NFPA 25 and Commercial Fire Alarm Inspection Requirements

 Like all business equipment, a commercial fire alarm system requires routine maintenance to ensure that all components are operating with optimal performance and to meet fire safety code regulations. National Fire Protection Association NFPA 25 is recognized as the compliance baseline for commercial fire alarm system testing, inspection and maintenance requirements of water-based fire protection systems. NFPA 25 is adopted in most states including Illinois through the International Building Code and the most recent 2019 Chicago Building Code. 

The objective of NFPA 25 is to verify the integrity and effectiveness of fire alarm systems to ensure that they will operate as expected in case of a fire emergency.  Commercial properties in Chicago must comply with the regulations set forth in NFPA 25 with the suggested frequency of system testing, inspection and maintenance.

Fire Alarm Testing, Inspection and Maintenance

 Testing includes conducting a physical testing of the system to ensure that water sprinkler systems can withstand the pressure with no leakage during operation. Inspection includes a meticulous examination of the entire fire alarm system to identify any flaws, damages, dents or signs of corrosion. Maintenance includes preventive maintenance like replacing batteries or disposable components, and repairs required to maintain system performance.

Frequency of Mandatory Fire Alarm Inspections

 The property owner is required to conduct fire alarm system testing, inspections and maintenance monthly, quarterly and/or annually. During monthly inspections, the property owner or designated fire safety representative should examine the pipe gauges, valves and water pressure and should alert their fire safety company if the system requires maintenance.

Quarterly and annual fire, life and safety system testing should be conducted by a licensed fire protection company. Annual system inspections are critical as experienced fire alarm technicians know what to look for and how to test all components of various types of fire alarm systems. Some fire alarm systems may continue to be operational while some components have experienced errors like a ground fault.  You may think your life safety system is in full operational mode while in fact optimal performance is jeopardized, which jeopardizes the safety of your occupants.

Following the regulations of NFPA 25 and working with an experienced fire, life and safety system provider will give you peace of mind in prioritizing the safety of your building occupants. Be sure to maintain all records of fire alarm system inspections including fire extinguisher service and maintenance.

Annual Inspections by Experienced Fire Safety Provider

High-Rise Security Systems, HRSS, conducts licensed testing and inspections of commercial fire alarm systems with more than 30 years of experience. We follow a meticulous checklist to identify any areas or components that could jeopardize the ability of your system to operate as expected and protect people and property. Our fire alarm technicians are NICET certified and field trained, with in-depth knowledge of fire safety building codes and various commercial fire alarm equipment.

HRSS is recognized as an authority and leading provider of fire, life and safety systems for commercial properties in Chicago and surrounding areas. We partner with you to bring an in-depth level of expertise and fire alarm system design, equipment, and maintenance with an unparalleled passion for saving lives. Regular inspections and testing by HRSS provides:

  • Compliance to local and state laws and safety regulations
  • Cost savings by avoiding code violations and legal fees
  • Compliance to insurance policy requirements and associated cost savings
  • Identification of early repairs that prevent costly damage
  • “All systems ready” fire protection that saves lives

In addition to these benefits, we deliver the best value by recommending the right fire alarm equipment for your property that meets current and future needs. When it’s time to expand or upgrade, we bring the latest technology and most cost-efficient method of upgrading your system with minimal to no downtime.

HRSS is a leading provider of commercial fire alarm and life safety systems to some of the most well known and unique structures in Chicago.  We go above and beyond code compliance in ensuring your total safety with the technology that fits your building, your business, and your budget.  Contact us to learn more about our many services and how we can help you save money and save lives with expert commercial fire alarm inspections.

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