Do You Need a Fire and Life Safety Inspection?

Do You Need a Fire and Life Safety Inspection?

fire and life safety inspectionAll commercial buildings are required to have a fire and life safety system inspection and testing every year to ensure compliance to life safety codes. The main purpose of having annual fire and life safety system inspections is to prevent the loss of human life and/or lost property.  The National Fire Protection Association, NFPA, issues life safety codes including NFPA 101, the Life Safety Code® that sets the standard for both existing and new structures. 

NFPA 101 Life Safety Inspections 

A building must meet all code requirements of NFPA 101 to pass a fire and life safety inspection.  The inspections will evaluate the construction and layout of the building, fire protection systems, and all features that provide safety from smoke, fire, and emergencies. NFPA 101 is revised every three years with some regulations varying in different states. Building owners can check with their local fire Marshal to determine their building needs for compliance and may contact local fire and life safety service companies for assistance. 

What Is Looked at during a Fire and Life Safety Inspection? 

While specific inspections may vary per building construction, state and local code regulations, a typical fire and life safety inspection should include the following basic inspection requirements :

Safety devices – all safety devices such as sprinkler heads, fire extinguishers and any other fire prevention devices will be inspected and/or tested.

Safety systems – the entire fire alarm system, heat and smoke detectors, emergency lighting and sprinkler system should all be inspected.

Building Safety Requirements – inspectors look at specific requirements per building construction such as where fire doors are located, which way doors open to emergency areas, clutter that may hinder access to fire extinguishers, and a variety of other circumstances related to the specific building.

Following a Fire and Life Safety Inspection 

You will receive an inspection report after your fire and life safety inspection is complete. This report will give you details about your compliance to NFPA 101 and any action items that must be taken to achieve compliance.  A specified date should be provided as to when all action items should be completed and then another inspection will be conducted to ensure that your building meets all requirements of applicable fire and life safety codes. 

Following all fire and life safety code regulations is the best way to pass your inspection and protect your property and occupants.  Many businesses find it difficult or impossible to continue after experiencing a natural disaster or a fire.  Preventing a fire in the first place is the best way to protect your business from potential failure and prohibitive expenses.  Insurance may not cover all of the expenses necessary to resume business operations such as ensuring integrity of the structure, recovering from smoke damage, recovering a lost customer base and much more.

How to Prepare for Your Fire and Life Safety Inspection 

The best way to prepare for your fire and life safety inspection is to speak with a fire and life safety consultant.  High-Rise Security Systems, HRSS, provides fire and life safety consultations and comprehensive services to commercial properties in and around Chicago. HRSS is recognized as a leading provider of fire and life safety to all types of businesses in various types of building structures.

We offer UL listed fire alarm system equipment from the best names in fire safety, commercial fire alarm system design detailing proper placement of all detection and notification devices as well as all maintenance, testing and inspections. When you need to pass a fire and life safety inspection and you want the best professionals on your team, you need to contact HRSS.  We help companies with all aspects of fire and life safety including datasheets necessary for compliance with your local authority having jurisdiction (AHJ).

HRSS is a respected and experienced commercial fire alarm and life safety system provider in northern Illinois.  We ensure that your business is compliant to NFPA 101 and all applicable fire and life safety codes including local building ordinances like the Chicago building code. Contact us with any questions and for assistance with fire and life safety system inspections.


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