Fire Alarm Inspection Requirements for Aurora

Fire Alarm Inspection Requirements for Aurora

The Aurora Illinois Fire Department details the commercial fire alarm system requirements for the city of Aurora, including: 

  • Responsibilities of building owners
  • Fire alarm system component and modification requirements
  • Fire alarm inspection requirements for Aurora
  • Reporting and document submission requirements

All types of buildings in Aurora must undergo fire alarm inspections whether office space, retail, hospitality, educational, medical facilities, or other commercial properties.

Aurora, IL Fire Alarm Policies

Commercial fire alarm systems in Aurora must be UL listed with receiving stations for monitoring the FM approved and in compliance with:

  • National Fire Protection Association
    • NFPA 72 National Fire Alarm Code
    • NFPA 70 National Electrical Code, Article 760
  • International Fire Code, IFC 2009, Ch. 9, Sec. 907

It is not lawful to modify, upgrade, or install fire alarm components or systems in any building other than a single-family detached home, without approval from the Fire Marshal. Approval to modify a fire alarm system is separate from building permit requirements such as for remodeling, repair, or construction. 

Fire Alarm Registration Requirements in Aurora

According to the most recent user requirements posted by the Aurora Fire Prevention Bureau, it is unlawful for any building owner or operator to be in control of any premises, whether leasing or owning the building, where a fire alarm system is operated and maintained without registering that system with the Fire Prevention Bureau. A Fire Alarm User Registration Form must be completed and returned to the fire prevention Bureau. Documentation showing the most recent fire alarm system testing and inspection results performed by a qualified fire alarm contractor must also be provided with the fire alarm registration form. A Certificate of Acceptance will be provided to the building owner from the Aurora Fire Prevention Bureau indicating that the fire alarm system is now approved and ready for fire alarm dispatch from the fire department. 

It is important for all building owners to follow these procedures to further protect their property and occupants with reliable fire alarm detection and quick dispatch to emergency responders. It is also important to prevent costly false alarms with fees that can range up to $400 per incident for users that do not complete the fire alarm user registration process.

Aurora Business Owner Responsibilities

The Aurora fire department details business owner responsibilities regarding fire alarm system testing and documentation. 

  • Business owners are responsible to have the fire alarm systems inspected annually by a licensed fire alarm contractor, per NFPA 72. All test documentation must be submitted to the Aurora Fire Prevention Bureau.
  • Water-based fire protection systems must be tested annually by a licensed fire alarm contractor and must include testing of sprinkler systems, hose stations, and fire pumps. All test documentation must be submitted to the Aurora Fire Prevention Bureau.
  • Commercial cooking operations require semi annual fire alarm inspections per IFC 2009.
  • It is the responsibility of the business owner to ensure that all documents are submitted to the proper inspection reporting online system. Failure to submit annual inspection and test results voids the Certificate of Acceptance.

HRSS Helps Aurora Business Owners with Fire Safety

High Rise Security Systems, HRSS, helps Aurora business owners to meet all commercial fire alarm system requirements as an Illinois state licensed fire alarm and life safety system provider.  We offer decades of experience and in-depth knowledge of all city, state and federal regulations for building and fire alarm safety code requirements. Our licensed and experienced technicians perform fire alarm inspections and are familiar with the most sophisticated, high-tech fire and life safety system equipment.

HRSS offers commercial fire alarm system design, inspections, testing, troubleshooting, maintenance, repairs, and monitoring 24/7/365. We provide licensed fire alarm system inspections and data sheets for compliance reporting. Contact us to learn more about fire alarm inspection requirements in Aurora Illinois.

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