Fire Alarm Inspection Requirements for Aurora

Fire Alarm Inspection Requirements for Aurora

Aurora IllinoisProperly maintained and inspected fire alarm systems are essential to the safety of every occupant of any-sized buildings. Malfunction can mean a tragic failure and result in the unnecessary loss of life. Every building in Aurora, whether office or residential, educational or retail, and every type of medical facility must undergo fire alarm inspection to ensure dependable fire and smoke detection.

In Aurora, fire alarm inspection must be conducted by licensed experts to ensure operational effectiveness. While this is a public safety measure to ensure your systems are operable, the building owner is responsible for ensuring the systems are maintained.

Like any equipment, eventually parts wear out, wires pull loose and dirt and grime may accumulate to restrict proper operation. Maintenance and testing should be performed regularly, not from the threat of an official inspection, but for the safety of every occupant who enters the building.

Aurora Fire Inspections

In the first instance, the Aurora Fire Prevention Bureau requires all fire alarm system owners to register their systems. These systems will be inspected and, if they pass, will be certified by the Bureau as having been designed and installed properly and tested for operational effectiveness.

Once approved, the system is qualified for dispatch by the Aurora Fire Department.

Specific fire protection systems for commercial buildings are required by the City of Aurora, Federal Government, OSHA, and State of Illinois authorities. The Aurora Fire Department follows guidelines set forth in the following codes:

  • Aurora Ordinances: International Fire Code (IFC)/2009
  • International Building Code 2009
  • National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA) Standards

Fire Alarm Inspection Reporting Requirements

For commercial buildings, the Aurora Fire Department requires owners to submit a report annually that documents detailed fire alarm inspection of all components, sprinklers and pump systems in the each building. Per NFPA 72, all testing must be performed by a licensed contractor.

In buildings in which cooking takes place, the testing results must be submitted semi-annually.

High Rise Security Systems (HRSS) Fire Alarm Maintenance Programs

Fire alarm maintenance should only be performed by trained and licensed experts who can identify problems and can travel directly to the source of the problem. To ensure reliability, complex wirelessly integrated systems should not be tampered with by untrained individuals.

A regular testing and maintenance program performed by experts like HRSS will ensure the reliability of the system and the safety of the occupants.

*Note: At the time of writing this information was accurate, however, HRSS always recommends that before you proceed with installation, inspection or repair of any fire safety equipment, you consult your respective municipal authority.

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