Fire Alarm Requirements in Naperville, IL

Fire Alarm Requirements in Naperville, IL

**This article was published on 8/8/2016 and updated on 11/9/2021

Fire Alarm RequirementsNaperville, IL, is a thriving, vibrant community located 28 miles west of Chicago, and consistently ranks as a top community in the U.S. to live, raise a family and retire.  Known for having world-class parks, one of the best public library systems in the U.S., and a low-crime rate, Naperville is attractive for residential and business growth.  With a diverse employer base and many industrial factories, retailers, and technology firms, Naperville is a Chicago suburb that has continued to thrive and blossom over the decades.

With residential and business growth comes the need for maintaining safety and commercial fire alarm and life safety systems bring the needed security to facilities of all sizes in the city of Naperville.

Local, State and Federal Fire Safety Regulations 

Like most cities, Naperville has its own set of fire alarm safety regulations which must be adhered to for existing buildings and new businesses. High Rise Security Systems, HRSS, is a leading provider of fire and security services to commercial properties in and around the Chicago area.  With decades of experience and a committed, knowledgeable staff, we are well versed in all fire and life safety code requirements affecting commercial properties in Illinois. 

We offer extensive knowledge of all local fire alarm regulations for the City of Chicago and surrounding areas including Naperville.  Our staff ensures full compliance to local, city, state and federal fire safety regulations including all applicable standards set by the National Fire Protection Association, NFPA.  Contact HRSS for more information on fire safety regulations in Naperville, and for more information see Fire Alarm Systems Requirements for Naperville including adopted codes, approved methods of monitoring, and requirements for fire alarm control panels, devices and annunciators. 

Naperville Adopted Fire Safety Codes of Compliance 

The City of Naperville, IL, requires that all commercial fire alarm buildings incorporate the minimum codes set forth by the following regulatory bodies:

  • City of Naperville Municipal Code as amended
  • National Fire Protection Codes (NFPA) – current edition
  • Life Safety Code (NFPA 101) – 2006 edition
  • International Fire Code – 2018 edition

All fire alarm systems must meet these requirements to receive approval of Occupancy Permits.  HRSS ensures total code compliance to these regulations and assists with the required data sheets for approval from your local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ).

Requirements for Fire Alarm Control Panels and Devices 

Fire Alarm Panels must be UL or FM-certified and the location approved by the Naperville Fire Department.  Near any control panel must be a Zone Map that indicates where each detection and alarm device is located within the building. Each control panel must be accessible by the Fire Department at all times. If the alarm control panel is outside, it must be completely protected by a weatherproof box.

Annunciator Panels should be conspicuously placed in a location approved by the Naperville Fire Department. This equipment allows emergency personnel to quickly recognize the mapping of the fire alarm system and identifies where fire may be occurring. The panel must be linked to a red, 4-inch strobe light to indicate its location and have a clear and accurate zone map of the facility. The Annunciator should be able to identify all functions of the fire control panel.

Audible and Visual Horn Strobes must be placed appropriately throughout the building.

Detection Devices should be installed according to NFPA 72.

HRSS helps companies to understand the regulations that apply to their facility and provides fire alarm and life safety consultation for any business in Naperville.

Naperville Fire Alarm Inspection Guidelines 

Naperville has established fire safety guidelines for new construction and remodels. These requirements are clearly defined to ensure the safety of each occupant.

Fire detection and alarm systems should only be installed by professional companies registered with the State of Illinois and trained in commercial fire alarm inspections. Prior to any installation, the Naperville Fire Department must approve all fire alarm system designs to meet code before Occupancy Permits may be approved.

HRSS offers code compliant fire alarm system design to meet all local regulations including the City of Naperville.  We provide certified testing, inspection, maintenance, and repairs as well as UL listed equipment from the leading fire alarm manufacturers. Contact us to learn more about installing or maintaining a code compliant fire alarm system in Naperville, IL.

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