Fire Alarm Inspection Requirement In Chicago

Fire Alarm Inspection Requirement In Chicago

FIRE ALARM INSPECTION REQUIREMENT in chicago*This article was published on 8/5/2016  and updated on  12/15/2021


Business owners, contractors, developers, and builders operating in the city of Chicago will be subjected to a fire safety inspection at different times for various reasons. The four most common types of commercial fire safety inspections in Chicago include:

  • Permits – safety inspections required to receive a permit
  • Quarterly / Annually – regular inspections required to maintain status
  • Business License – inspections required to obtain a new license
  • Complaints – inspections initiated by a complaint

Before starting a business In Chicago, applying for a business license or a loan, owners and operators must ensure that the property intended to conduct business is properly zoned. Appropriate zoning must comply with the Chicago Municipal Code which is frequently updated. You can find links to the Chicago Municipal Code and learn more about passing your fire safety inspection in Chicago including Inspections, Permitting, and Licensing from the city of Chicago programs and initiatives.

Both new and existing businesses in Chicago should be aware of the most common reasons for failing an inspection and speak with an experienced and reputable fire and life safety system provider with knowledge of Chicago Building Code requirements.

 Commercial properties in the city of Chicago, Illinois, must adhere to all building code regulations, including all fire alarm and life safety code requirements. Many local, state, and federal building and safety code regulations apply such as:

  • National Fire Protection Association, NFPA, Standards
  • The International Building Code
  • The Americans with Disabilities Act, ADA
  • In the Chicago Building Code, CBC

The Chicago Building Code was recently updated with new requirements that went into effect on August 1st of 2020.  Here is some information that highlights some of the most recent changes detailed in 2019 Chicago Building Code: What You Need to Know. 

Chicago Fire Prevention Bureau Offices 

The city of Chicago Fire Prevention Bureau utilizes specialized services that respond to various business needs including compliance with Chicago’s Municipal Code and fire safety inspections. For example, some of the specialized offices include:

School section – the inspectors in the School Section inspect all schools in the city of Chicago annually. In addition to annual inspections, every elementary and high school should conduct a formal fire drill every month that school is in session. Fire drills for elementary schools are conducted by fire companies while fire drills at high schools are to be conducted by a School Section Inspector. Colleges in Chicago should receive a monthly walk-through inspection, instead of a formal fire drill, which are performed randomly in colleges at least twice per year. 

Hotels – all hotels in the city of Chicago must comply with the Chicago fire prevention Bureau Hotel / SRO (single room occupancy) Section Inspectors. All hotels and SROs must be inspected annually with monthly walk-through inspections to ensure that all fire safety procedures are in place.

Institutions – each institution such as hospitals, nursing homes, daycare centers, correctional facilities and shelters must have annual inspections with a monthly walk-through inspection.

The Chicago Fire Prevention Bureau Offices includes the section inspectors and many others including inspectors for licensing, new construction, places of public assembly, and more. Speak with your trusted Chicago fire and life safety provider, HRSS, for more information and maintaining compliance and to ensure that your business passes all required inspections.

HRSS Offers Commercial Fire Alarm Inspections in Chicago 

High Rise Security Systems, HRSS, is your leading, trusted fire alarm and safety system provider to commercial properties in and around Chicago. We offer decades of experience and in-depth knowledge of all fire safety code requirements including local Chicago building code regulations as well as national requirements. We offer in-depth knowledge of NFPA 72 which is included in the most recent Chicago building code, as well as NFPA 101 Life Safety Code and others. Our experienced team helps you to understand the regulations applying to your business and property to ensure total compliance and pass all fire alarm safety inspections.

HRSS provides commercial fire alarm system design, UL listed equipment, fire alarm testing, maintenance, inspections and more. We offer knowledgeable fire and security integration consultation to design your fire safety system with the most beneficial and cost-efficient solution. Contact us to learn more and to ensure that you meet all commercial fire alarm inspection requirements in Chicago.


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