Audio Systems are Effective with Orderly Evacuation

Audio Systems are Effective with Orderly Evacuation

Audio announcements integrated with fire and safety systems are also referred to as voice evacuation systems, and greatly assist with orderly evacuation when needed.  Voice announcement evacuations are required in high-rise buildings, and places of assembly such as college campuses.  

These announcement systems can serve two purposes as a method of conveying important evacuation procedures, and general public announcements to all occupants.  Audio evacuation systems save lives by providing specific instructions for evacuation, thus reducing a panic or stampede when occupants are trying frantically to exit the building.  

Spoken messages tend to provide a calming effect and are less likely than audible tones to cause a widespread panic. By providing a calm environment, audio evacuation systems save lives by promoting efficient and orderly evacuation.  In some high-rise buildings, it could take up to 2 hours for all occupants of each floor to descend via the stairwell.  In this case, an orderly evacuation is necessary to prevent injury.  

Advancements in Audio Technology

With integrated fire control panels and smart sensors, emergency personnel can assess the situation and then announce exact instructions to all intended occupants. Pre-programmed announcements can broadcast specific instructions in specific situations.  

Typically, the occupants considered to be in the most danger are given instructions to exit immediately via the stairway.  In some cases, only the floor with the fire, and the floors immediately below and above are given evacuation instructions.  Additional floors may be included if the emergency escalates.  

In no circumstances should you ever use an elevator in case of a fire or smoke alarm, doing so could be fatal.  Smoke tends to accumulate towards the elevator shafts to rise upwards, occupants in elevators could get caught in the surge of smoke.  Elevators are usually programmed to descend to the lobby floor and stay there during a fire, but in case of a malfunction an elevator could take you to or leave you stranded on a floor engulfed in flames.  

Audio Evacuation Systems are very advanced systems responding to a detection of a fire or safety concern.  Always take them seriously, and follow the audible instructions given.  

HRSS is a Premier NOTIFIER® Distributor

NOTIFIER™️ by Honeywell is known for producing advanced fire safety systems with conventional, integrated or voice communication systems. HRSS is a premier distributor for NOTIFIER, a trusted name in fire and life safety detection systems.

NOTIFIER’s Digital Voice Command (DVC) is the central unit in a robust audio command center, providing voice evacuation instructions and communicating emergency commands. DVC features the ability to play 8 simultaneous messages and network with multiple DVC’s across mass complexes such as a college campus. This allows for the most appropriate message to be delivered to the right audience and the right time. The DVC comes with an emergency telephone option allowing for two-way communication with command centers and emergency telephones.  

NOTIFIER fire alarm control panels are UL approved, and can be networked and outfitted with auxiliary equipment such as cameras in areas of low visibility like elevators.  

NOTIFIER’s DVC aids in orderly evacuations, preventing panic and saving lives.  

High Rise Security Systems are experts in designing and maintaining sophisticated fire and smoke alarm systems, working closely with contractors throughout the permit approval process.  HRSS is a premier distributor for NOTIFIER® by Honeywell, providing continual maintenance and support, with monitoring 24/7/365.  Contact us today to speak with one of our highly skilled engineers on how we can assist with your fire safety system utilizing digital voice command.  

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