Commercial Fire Protection Services

high rise commercial propertyCommercial fire protection services protect the employees, the public and the property of commercial property owners. Reliable fire alarm systems which provide early detection and warning of gas, smoke or fire are critical in all types of buildings and industries.  Maintaining your fire alarm system with professional fire alarm services will protect your greatest assets and most importantly, save lives.

Commercial Fire Alarm Maintenance and Inspections 

High Rise Security Systems is a professional fire alarm maintenance company servicing all types of commercial properties in and around Chicago. We offer comprehensive services including system design, maintenance, annual fire alarm inspections, testing, repairs and monitoring.  Our commercial fire protection specialists make sure your system is functioning properly with a thorough inspection checklist.

Our fire alarm inspection services include the following:

  • Visual inspection – we first check for obvious issues such as loose wires and physical damage.
  • Control panel – we inspect the control panel which is the heart of your fire protection system as it links all devices to central monitoring and controls dispatch to emergency responders.
  • Circuitry – any wear on the circuitry may effect network connections. Our licensed technicians check all circuitry, wiring and look for any disconnections.
  • Detection Sensors – all smoke detectors are thoroughly cleaned and evaluated for proper working order.
  • Heat Detectors – heat detectors are checked for proper working order and provide an additional line of defense combined with smoke detection.
  • Manual Alarm Pull Stations – check for proper function and replace any faulty components
  • Notification Devices – all notification devices are thoroughly checked for proper function including strobe lights, alarms, bells, horns and audible evacuation equipment.
  • Power Source – we inspect your power source and battery backup system to ensure continual power.
  • Damper and Door Releases – dampers should automatically close and doors should automatically unlock in the event of fire.
  • Annunciators – check for proper function and location.
  • Central Monitoring – we test the time it takes for emergency responders to be notified of the warning signal.
  • Detection in Secondary Areas and Elevators – detection and notification in secondary locations such as utility rooms, storage areas and elevator shafts is tested for proper working order.

High Rise Security Systems provides these professional commercial fire protection services and many more with experience and vast knowledge of all fire code requirements. We go above and beyond code regulations to ensure your fire alarm system is designed to meet your unique needs with maximum protection.

HRSS offers comprehensive services which include commercial fire protection system design, inspections, testing, maintenance, UL listed equipment and monitoring 24/7/365.  Contact us to speak with a fire protection specialist about maintaining your system for maximum protection to your property and occupants.

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