Fire Alarm Testing Required for a Ready to Use System

Fire Alarm Testing Required for a Ready to Use System

The importance of regular fire alarm testing and inspections to verify an “All Systems Normal” condition cannot be underestimated.  Maintaining a clearly ready to use fire alarm system saves lives, prevents disasters, and  is dependent upon several factors:

  • Quality components including hardware and software
  • Competent fire alarm system design
  • Installation techniques such as identifying proper zones for networking, placement of sensors and audible evacuation alerts
  • Ongoing maintenance and inspections by certified technicians

fire alarm testingHigh Rise Security Systems is certified to NICET, and employs licensed and certified technicians with vast knowledge of all fire alarm regulations.  We design the optimum fire and safety system using only quality components, and provide ongoing fire alarm testing and maintenance ensuring a ready to use system.  


Regular Inspections by Certified Inspectors


Regular fire alarm testing and inspections by certified inspectors are necessary to reveal potential problems before hindering alarm performance during times of emergency.  Certified fire alarm inspectors verify that all systems are working properly, with visual and functional testing.  


The National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) recommends two visual inspections per year for installed fire alarms, and testing of functional components annually.  Smart systems today have self-monitoring equipment that alerts technicians of malfunctions and can pinpoint the area of the breakdown.  

Fire alarm systems are required by building codes enforced by the local Authority Having Jurisdiction, and by insurance companies underwriting the property.  Inspections and testing provide an added layer of insurance to business & property owners that fire alarm systems will work as expected when needed in emergency situations.  


HRSS is a premier distributor for NOTIFIER™️ by Honeywell fire alarm systems, with experience in providing professional ongoing fire alarm testing by certified technicians.  We are experienced with maintaining optimum fire alarm systems in any commercial and industrial setting, including hospitals, college campuses, resorts, low-rise and high-rise commercial offices and complexes.  


High Rise Security Systems is a licensed and experienced fire alarm system design company, providing quality equipment, professional certified fire alarm testing and inspections including portable fire extinguisher inspections.  Contact us today to speak with one of our licensed technicians about our proven solutions for fire and safety systems.



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