Why Is A Notifier Fire Alarm Better than other alarms?

Why Is A Notifier Fire Alarm Better than other alarms?

Notifier Fire AlarmNOTIFIER™️ by Honeywell is the culmination of decades of manufacturing and design experience. Honeywell has been a notable innovator for over a century in the field of atmospheric sensing and fire detection systems. Not resting on their laurels with traditional products, NOTIFIER’s engineers have created a holistic and state-of-the-art system for smoke and fire detection, notification and crisis management.

NOTIFIER Fire Alarm Systems

The highly sophisticated NOTIFIER Control Panel provides advanced smoke sensing technology to ensure quick notification and response. The Control panel may be integrated to a range of peripheral devices and accessories to provide the utmost in security and protection.

NOTIFIER systems can be adapted to small low-rise structures as well as the tallest high-rise building. Designers and engineers can select the appropriate NOTIFIER systems can be adapted to any specific structure size or use to effectively handle any fire emergency.

Integration is the key to NOTIFIER adaptability. No matter what the emergency, whether fire, dangerous gas emissions or smoke, the NOTIFIER system will detect and respond, sending the appropriate signals to a central command center for immediate response. An evacuation can be initiated with NOTIFIER visual and speaker directions while simultaneously contacting the Fire department and other emergency responders.

And NOTIFIER systems may be wirelessly monitored from most locations.

NOTIFIER Peripherals and Accessories

Larger buildings and healthcare facilities require the most advanced systems to ensure early notification, instant response and safe evacuation of all occupants. Fire detection equipment, remote annunciators, single control and monitoring workspaces with touch-screen graphical interface monitors and system-wide, linked control panels provide the essential response in an emergency.

NOTIFIER Gas Detection devices may be stand-alone or integrated with all other equipment for additional security.

High Rise Security Systems (HRSS) in Chicago

For over 30 years, High Rise security Systems has been a reliable and respected designer, installer and maintainer of fire detection and notification systems. HRSS offers the ultimate in fire and physical security options for millions of Chicago area building occupants. Providing maximum safety for their clients has always been the prominent priority for HRSS licensed experts.

HRSS is committed to ensuring that all detection and notification systems remain in top working condition. Regular ongoing testing and maintenance programs performed by HRSS trained and licensed technicians will ensure that your equipment stays ready and operational in case of an emergency.


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