NOTIFIER® NFS2-640 ONYX Series Control Panel

NOTIFIER® NFS2-640 ONYX Series Control Panel

NOTIFIER NFS2-640 ONYX Series Control Panel
The NFS2-640 intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panel meets virtually any application requirement as part of the ONYX series from NOTIFIER™️ by Honeywell. The NFS2-640 is ideal in midsize applications and is easily expandable to meet the requirements of future building expansions. This intelligent FACP offers a modular design for easier system planning and networked or stand-alone configurations.

NOTIFIER’s NFS2-640 may be configured for small building needs with just a few devices or a high-rise office block and large campuses by networking many devices. Peripheral equipment may be added to suit the application. Many options are available such as firefighter’s telephone, single or multi-channel voice, LCD, LED and PC-based graphic annunciators. Additional options include wireless fire protection with advanced detection for challenging environments.

NFS2–640 Onyx Series Control Panel Features and Benefits

The NFS2–640 intelligent fire alarm control panel is UL listed and offers unparalleled agility with many additional features and benefits:

    • Fully programmable in the field
    • Standard 80 or 640 character display
    • Intelligent sensing with nine levels of sensitivity
    • Auto detector test
    • Options include integrated digital voice command (DVC) with standard quality auto 48 channels our high-quality audio on one channel with firefighter telephone
    • Listings include Seismic certified, Mass notification, Marine approved, Releasing
    • Networkable with standard or high-speed
        This intelligent fire alarm control panel adapts to your needs with maximum flexibility and a modular design. This allows customization to your specific

fire protection requirements

      • with easy adaptation to add or remove system modules.

NFS2–640 Control Panel Applications

Detection of smoke and toxic gases is critical in midsize applications such as universities and colleges. The intelligent NFS2–640 FACP is effective in areas such as boiler rooms, laboratories, water heaters, loading docks and commercial kitchens. Detection of various toxic gases include methane, carbon dioxide, oxygen deficiency, propane, nitrogen dioxide, refrigerants and more.

High-Rise Security Systems is a premier distributor for NOTIFIER, offering the full line of ONYX series of intelligent fire alarm control panels, all peripheral equipment and networkable options. We are the leading provider of commercial fire protection in and around the Chicago area. Contact us for code compliant fire, life and safety system solutions.

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