NOTIFIER® NFS-320 Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panel

NOTIFIER® NFS-320 Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panel

NOTIFIER NFS2-3030 ONYX Series Control PanelThe NOTIFIER® by Honeywell NFS-320 Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panel as part of the UL listed ONYX series, designed and engineered for small applications. The NFS-320 is built for speed, providing fire protection in seconds with an auto programming feature. ONYX intelligent sensing combined with NOTIFIER’s patented FlashScan protocol exceeds worldwide code requirements for a quicker and more accurate response to heat and smoke.

This intelligent fire alarm control panel can be configured for small buildings with just a few devices or maybe networks with additional devices to provide protection to a large campus or high-rise building. It’s as simple as adding peripheral equipment to suit the application. SWIFT wireless gateway is available to provide wireless fire protection.

NOTIFIER® NFS-320 FACP Features and Benefits

The NOTIFIER® NFS-320 Fire Alarm Control Panel series enables a quicker response time, minimizes installation time and offers simple usability and maintenance. The NFS-320 provides premier performance and sophistication on a smaller scale. Features and benefits include:

  • Fully programmable in the field
  • Standard display with 80-character
  • 80-character remote annunciators (up to 32)
  • Optional IP or GSM Communicator
  • Easy installation and service with removable chassis design
  • Certified for seismic applications when used with the appropriate seismic mounting kit
  • Direct connect to NOTIFIER FirstCommand™ Emergency Communications System
  • Networkable with ONYXWorks and NOTI-FIRE-NET, compatible up to 200 nodes for NFN

NFS-320 Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panel Applications

The NOTIFIER® NFS-320 Intelligent FACP is ideal in small applications, providing smoke and gas detection to buildings such as nursing homes or hospitals. Areas such as boiler rooms, ambulance bays, oxygen delivery systems and loading docks must be protected from smoke and toxic gases. NOTIFIER’s intelligent fire alarm control panels provide early warning against many toxic gases such as carbon monoxide, methane, propane, nitrogen dioxide, refrigerants and oxygen concentrations.

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