Prevent Warehouse Fires with Regular Inspections

Prevent Warehouse Fires with Regular Inspections

warehouse fireStorage facilities and warehouses present a unique challenge due to the variety of items stored and substantial amount of storage in cubic volume.  Warehouses which host potentially flammable materials pose an even greater challenge in safeguarding contents and buildings from devastating fire damage. Warehouse fires are most commonly caused by faulty lighting and electrical systems.  Early fire detection and warning is key to preventing substantial damage, injury and loss of life.

Regular fire alarm inspections improve the safety of occupants in commercial properties and contents in warehouse storage facilities. Protecting a warehouse from fire poses unique challenges with stacked material which may become congested and potentially block aisles and exit ways. Maintaining your fire alarm system in “all systems ready” mode with regular inspections including fire extinguisher service is the best way to prevent warehouse fires.

Fire Alarm Inspections for Warehouses 

Fire alarm inspections are mandated to be performed by a licensed fire alarm company at least annually in all commercial properties and warehouses.  Professional fire alarm inspections are critical to prevent devastating fires in addition to maintaining code compliance. Experienced fire alarm companies which provide system inspections conduct a thorough evaluation of all components, wiring and circuits and perform testing for proper function.

In addition to annual inspections, owners and employees working in warehouses must constantly be aware of fire safety protocol. Workers in busy warehouses must make a conscious effort to prevent congestion is aisles and exits, prevent accumulation of debris and maintain internal inspections of all portable fire extinguishers. Proper use of extension cords and lighting devices should be maintained at all times.

Warehouse owners should be aware of any change in material and items being stored, paying special attention to flammable products. Experienced fire alarm inspection companies will have expertise in designing a system to meet unique warehouse needs and offer suggestions to maximize safety.

High Rise Security Systems Provides Warehouse Inspections

High Rise Security Systems offers comprehensive fire alarm and life safety system services to all types of commercial properties in and around Chicago. We offer more than three decades of experience and vast knowledge of all local, state and federal fire code regulations, going above and beyond code requirements to protect your unique property. 

HRSS is a recognized authority on fire alarm and life safety system design, development and implementation. We partner with building owners and contractors to provide a fire alarm system customized to your unique property and industry. Contact us to learn more about our fire alarm inspection services and how to prevent devastating warehouse fires.


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