Honeywell Fire Alarm Systems: Best in the Fire Safety

Honeywell Fire Alarm Systems: Best in the Fire Safety

Fire Alarm

For more than a century, Honeywell has been producing atmosphere sensing devices to support the comfort and safety of individuals at home or work. Today Honeywell produces the NOTIFIER™️ by Honeywell line of fire and smoke detection and alarm systems to protect building occupants from serious threats.

NOTIFIER fire alarm systems, network all safety devices to provide early warning of potential danger. Ideal for high-rises, data centers and other large buildings. NOTIFIER systems can be custom-tailored to provide the best solutions for buildings of any configuration.

Fire Prevention in Building Design

Whether designing a new building or retrofitting an older one, experienced NICET-certified specialists like High Rise Security in Chicago, should collaborate on the types and placement of fire detection and alarm equipment. Integrated NOTIFIER systems are premier solutions for early detection, clear audible and visual notification, plus remote control and monitoring. In high-rises or substantial building complexes, integrating fire and security systems is an important decision to provide rapid response and protect inhabitants and assets from unforeseen emergencies.

NOTIFIER by Honeywell

NOTIFIER supplies a complete menu of fire detection and notification systems for any building type. Given the complexities of hospitals, schools, apartment buildings, warehouses and high-rise office buildings, NOTIFIER has developed appropriate devices for any situation. Integrating all fire and security elements is essential for effective safety management. Honeywell fire alarm systems are designed to meet every application.

Building managers and engineers may select from NOTIFIER set of emergency detection and notification systems, all of which may be linked for central control. Some of these are:

Fire Alarm / Voice Control Panels which combine advanced smoke-sensing capability linked to voice and visual evacuation systems that will alert and direct evacuees.

Integrated Network unites the systems to all security elements in the building. Access control, closed-circuit TV systems and harmful gas detection devices can be wirelessly linked for central monitoring.

Intelligent Graphical Control Monitoring allows for central control personnel to visually identify fire and security problems for immediate response.

Fire System Accessories and Peripheral Devices provide solutions for specific needs and coordinate evenly with the NOTIFIER Control Panel. Such items as remote annunciators, printers, intelligent sensors and battery chargers are available to customize the systems.

Gas Detection Systems are necessary in environments in which potentially dangerous gasses are present.

High Rise Security Systems in Chicago

HRSS is a licensed Honeywell fire alarm systems distributor in the Chicago area. For more information, contact their experienced representatives.

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