Fire Alarm Testing Saves Money in the Long Run

HRSS tech testing an AnnunicatorFire alarm systems are one of the most important components of a building and should be the main concern of building owners. Commercial property owners are required to provide safety to occupants and visitors with a fire detection system designed to save lives in case of an emergency. Maintaining fire and safety systems with regular fire alarm testing is a requirement of fire safety codes for good reason. Early detection of faulty components saves money in the long run, before larger units are damaged or worse, your building is left unprotected due to faulty equipment.

High Tech Fire Alarm Systems

Fire alarm systems today are high tech, with parts and components working together in computerized fire alarm control panels and wireless networks. These intricate components control everything from early detection of smoke, gas or fire to warning systems with visual and audible alerts, automatic door locking or unlocking, engaging fire suppression systems and elevator recall. Smart sensors which alert building owners to the exact location of a gas leak or origin of a fire must be tested regularly for effectiveness.

Fire Alarm Inspections Save Lives

Nothing should be left to chance with fire and safety systems and regular fire alarm inspections keep your equipment functioning properly to save lives when it counts. Professional fire alarm system companies provide required inspections and testing of equipment to maintain code compliance and ensure safety in the event of a fire. Maintaining your fire alarm inspections and testing will provide peace of mind to building owners with not only maintaining code compliance but also in providing a safe environment for occupants, employees or visitors.

High Rise Security Systems Provides Professional Fire Safety Inspections

High Rise Security Systems is a professional fire and safety system company with in-depth knowledge of high-tech fire alarm systems and all local and national code regulations. We assist building owners and electrical contractors with establishing compliant safety system designs in all types of commercial properties. We establish code compliant designs with all required components in the right location such as early detection sensors, visual strobe lights and audible evacuation equipment, portable fire extinguishers and verify that all equipment is working properly.

With our vast experience, HRSS goes above and beyond what is required to develop the best fire alarm system for your unique structure. We employ skilled designers who develop your system in AutoCAD with experience in designing high-tech fire alarm systems to unique building specifications. We protect buildings of all sizes including low-rise, high-rise, mass complexes and school campuses.

High Rise Security Systems offers experienced and professional fire alarm system services including system design, testing, maintenance, inspections and monitoring 24/7/365. We make sure your building and property code compliant and equipped to provide adequate early warning that saves lives. Contact us today to learn more about our professional fire alarm system inspection services.

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