NOTIFIER® NFS2-3030 ONYX Series Control Panel

NOTIFIER NFS2-3030 ONYX Series Control Panel
The NFS2-3030 Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panel from NOTIFIER’s ONYX series is ideal in large scale applications supporting more than 3,000 intelligent devices on 10 signaling line circuits. The NFS2-3030 FACP offers sheer power and performance with impressive programming options and point capacity, making it the perfect solution for large-scale applications.

This powerful, intelligent fire alarm control panel is ideal in large manufacturing facilities, high-rise buildings or sprawling campuses for total protection with one single panel. The modular design with multiple annunciator options allows viewing access and control from anywhere in the facility. The NFS2-3030 is easily expandable with additional panels when modifications or expansions are required.

NFS2-3030 Intelligent Control Panel Features and Benefits

NOTIFIER’s NFS2-3030 intelligent fire alarm control panel offers many features and benefits which include:

  • 1,000 logic equations
  • Includes built-in degraded mode option
  • FM6320 approved gas detection system
  • EIA-485 annunicators with custom graphics
  • Optional integrated voice evacuation with Digital Voice Command (DVC)
  • Supports 3,180 intelligent points (159 detectors/159 modules per SLC)
  • Either displayless or 640-character LCD backlit display with QWERTY keypad

NOTIFIER® NFS2-3030 ONYX Series Control Panel Applications

The NFS2-3030 Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panel is ideal in many large-scale applications such as gas detection with Sensepoint XCD fixed sensors. Potentially explosive environments such as working with oil, gas and chemical production requires monitoring for explosive and highly toxic atmospheres. NOTIFIER’s NFS2-3030 FACP supports these applications and can also be found in many schools, universities and hospitals.

High-Rise Security Systems offers the full NOTIFIER product line is a premier distributor including the ONYX series of intelligent fire alarm control panels. HRSS is a leading fire, life and safety system specialist offering comprehensive services and UL listed products. Contact us to learn more about intelligent fire alarm system equipment such as the ONYX series from NOTIFIER.

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